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We do stock more Merkur parts than anyone on the planet, over 3500 line items at this time.

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Order By Phone (541) 544-3333

It's direct and efficient. Use the Ford or Rapido part numbers and product description; supply your credit card number and expiration date, and the address where your Visa/MasterCard/Discover statements are mailed to you.

At this point in time we are not offering on-line ordering. We want to be able to discuss your parts needs with you, one-on-one. From our experience we know we have the best chance to get you the part you really need on the first attempt, thereby avoiding costly time delays, and additional out of pocket expenses for you. If we can understand your problem, or need, rather than just what you may have been told you need by some third party. We have found that even though a problem may have been accurately identified, the name of the part to be replaced may have been misquoted or misunderstood. Since electrical parts are generally not returnable under any circumstances and all other parts are subject to a 20% restocking charge we think you will agree that our offer of this one-on-one clairification is worth the additional time and phone expense you will incur. If you disagree, or are confidant that you know exactly what you want, simply fax your order to us and it will be processed immediately.

We can also accept orders by mail, but you will need a freight quote first. Then include with your order the proper payment amount (money order, please), complete delivery address information,and a phone number where you may be reached during the day, should we need to clarify any issue.
Want to Fax us your order? (541) 544-3100

If yes, please fill out the order form and fax it to us. Our fax operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Be sure to include your vehicle year, model, and if auto or manual transmission, along with part number(s) and a description of the part(s) you are ordering. Also if faxing, include your current Visa/MasterCard/Discover number with expiration date along with your name as it appears on the card. Again we need phone numbers and proper delivery address with zipcode.

NOTE: We are not currently staffed or equipped to deal with requests for email responses to your fax communications. If you fax an order, request for price quote, or a request for information, we will respond by return fax. Please include your return fax number with any fax communication.

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