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Tech Tips – June 2013

June 26, 2013

Oil Filters

After every oil filter change on the XR4Ti check for clearance between the oil filter and the steering coupling. As the filter mount angle is “adjustable” it is possible for these two items to “get together”. The end result can be a hole rubbed into the oil filter and a catastrophic loss of engine oil.

Air Conditioning

The air conditioning system in all our vehicles have oil within them to lubricate the seals, bearings, etc., any time the A/C is operating. If the A/C is not used for extended periods, the seals and bearings may dry out prematurely. Rapido suggests you run the air conditioning system once a month for a minimum of 5 minutes to keep the seals in good condition.

The Merkur’s engine fan and A/C condenser fan are both very important. Be sure that anytime you turn on your air conditioning the A/C condenser fan also starts running. The engine cooling fan should come on when the temperature needle comes up to about the halfway point on the gauge.

Engine Idle Speed

Engine idle speed erratic? Are you experiencing surging at cruising speed? The Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) may be worn or may not be properly calibrated.

NOTE: Calibration is a procedure performed by using a voltmeter.

Motor Mounts

Fatigued or broken motor mounts or transmission mounts can cause a vibration problem that is often felt through the floor or the seats. Check for adequate clearance between the engine oil pan the rear of the front crossmember. This is one of the first places that can be affected.