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Tech Tips – May 2013

May 22, 2013

Turbo Roughness

If your 2.3L Turbo experiences roughness under hard (boosted) acceleration but smoothes out if you “let up” just a little, the most probable cause is spark plug wires. All wires, even when new, are not the same and the Turbo Engine has some special wire needs. Use ours.
(Our P/N 07-0114)

Driveshaft Coupling

What we call the “Driveshaft Donut” (also called a Rotoflex coupling) can crack or break causing a pronounced vibration, most notably at highway speeds. You may visually inspect this part from under the car. It is at the very front of the driveshaft, next to the transmission. It is black and looks like a donut. If you can see through cracks or if chunks are missing, replace it with out delay. Driving your vehicle with this vibration can damage the tailhousing on the transmission. Rapido imports this Ford of Europe part because your dealer doesn’t have it available separately.

NOTE: Similar parts from other manufacturer’s do not have a history of doing well on this Ford vehicle.

NOTE: We strongly recommend you replace the transmission mount when you replace a broken driveshaft donut. Part of the function of the transmission mount is to provide proper alignment of the transmission with the driveshaft. If your transmission mount is sagged, fatigued, or delaminated, the result will be continued misalignment resulting in vibration and premature failure of your new driveshaft donut.

Center Support Bearing

The center support bearing on your XR4Ti or Scorpio driveshaft should be checked every 10,000 miles (or anytime you happen to be under the car). We suggest that if the driveshaft can be moved more than about 3/8″ up or down from its normal location, the CSB should be replaced.
The XR4Ti and Scorpio driveshafts were not designed to have their Universal Joints serviced or replaced. In our experience, the rear universal joint will develop a “notch” or hard spot at very low mileage. This happens because the driveshaft runs at a constant angle but the “wear spot” may then go unchanged for over 200,000 miles. Unless the U-Joint is actually loose, we do not recommend replacement of the driveshaft. If replacement is actually necessary – Rapido can provide a drive shaft manufactured with replaceable/ serviceable U-joints for less cost than the factory driveshaft.