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Note: If you would like to get your copy of our 32 page catalog - send $5.00 to our address (see Home). Be sure to include the Year, Model, and Make of your vehicle(s).

The following products are very new and do not yet show in our catalog. Although most of these are performance enhancing, many of them will improve drivability of the vehicle and also reliability:

Product # New Product Description
Call Re-manufactured Merkur Engines(**)
- Long Block & Short Block
Call Re-manufactured Merkur Transmissions(**)
- Automatic & Stick
Call Replacement Merkur Drive-shafts
- With serviceable U-joints
Call Battery Saver (no more dead batteries)
- Solid state module automatically disconnects battery before voltage drops low enough to prevent startup!
Various Rapido Group Merkur Body Sheet Metal Components
Call Rapido Group XR4Ti Forged Pistons
- Rebuilding Your 2.3OHC Turbo Motor? Do It Right The First Time!
Call Rapido Group XR4Ti Valves
- Choose from stock diameters, or the popular 1.59/1.89 big valve combination.
E7RY8200A/RAP Rapido Group Scorpio Reproduction Grill
- Fits perfectly! No Muss, No Fuss.
10-0107 Rapido Group Headlight Refinishing Kit or Exchange
- Night Vision Problems Due to Inadequate Illumination?
Various Rapido Group Replacement Connectors
- Broken and/or Corroded Connectors Making Life Miserable?
Call Rapido Group Scorpio Front Fenders
- Be sure to call us for your repair panel needs.
00-0102A Rapido Group XR4Ti Indiglo Instrument Face Panel Kit
- reverse lighting and digital reostat -- converts 85mph to 150mph!
05-0133 Steering Column Coupler Repair Kit (XR4Ti & Scorpio)
06-1000QK Rapido Group XR4Ti Quad Headlight Kit
- Hot Looks! Hot Lights!!! Hot Damn -- I can see again!
07-0147A Power Pulley (for 2.3 Turbo with Serpentine Belts)
- reduce parasitic power loss = more horsepower
07-0147B Power Pulley (for 2.3 Turbo with V Belts)
- reduce parasitic power loss = more horsepower
07-0161A Annealed Copper Exhaust Manifold Gasket with O Rings
- a more reliable seal especially for tube headers
07-0167 Aluminum Flywheel (9lbs) for 2.3 Turbo
- faster turbo response, more power, better braking power too
07-0168 Mass Air Conversion for 2.3 Turbo w/Plug-in Wire Harness
- more horsepower + better throttle response
07-0169 Windage Tray for 2.3 Turbo
- reduce parasitic power loss = more horsepower
07-0170 65mm "Godzilla" Throttle Body for 2.3 Turbo
- more air flow = more horsepower
07-0171 Hi Performance Water Pump for 2.3 Turbo
- 70% improvement in flow = better engine cooling
07-0173 Super Performance Head Gasket for 2.3 Turbo
- increase high boost reliability
07-0176 Gillis and TurboXS Boost Adjusting Valve/Billet Aluminum
07-0177 TurboXS Blow Off Valve/Billet Aluminum
T-001 Scorpio Emergency Hood Release Tool

(**) Up to 3yr/75000 mile nationwide warranty.

For all your Merkur, Turbo Thunderbird, and SVO Mustang needs be sure to contact Rapido Group.


XR4Ti Indiglo Instrument Panel Face Kit

By Day -->XR4Ti Indiglo Instrument Panel Face Kit - Day
By Night -->XR4Ti Indiglo Instrument Panel Face Kit - Night

Indiglo instrument panel face kit with digital inverter to control intensity (reostat) and color. Also converts 85mph speedometer to read up to 150mph. Do it yourself installation. Parts install over existing instrument faces without damaging the original faces. $97 + shipping. (NOTE: If there is sufficient interest in the same style of instrument re-facing for Scorpio, give us a call. We will have it done in the future.).

Order Product #:  01-0102A



"HOT DAMN ---------- I can see again."

XR4Ti Quad Headlights
Lights shown above installed with Cosworth grill panel - not included.

This is the all new XR4Ti Quad headlight kit by Rapido Group.

  1. User installable in less than 2 hours.
  2. No special tools required.
  3. No cutting or welding -- a true "bolt up" installation.
  4. Fully adjustable light aiming.
  5. Includes plug in wire harness with relays.
  6. Fit standard and Cosworth grill panel.
  7. Can be restored to O.E. headlamps in minutes.

NOTE: The European Cosworth headlights are absolutely gorgeous and they put out a prodigious amount of light, BUT be aware that installation of the Cosworth headlights requires cutting away the sheet metal to which your original headlights are attached. This procedure is very labor intensive (expensive) and it precludes any easy return to the original headlight, or quad headlight, configuration.

Place your orders now.
Order Product #:  06-1000QK


XR4Ti Clear Corner Lights

XR4Ti Clear Corner Lights

These corner lights replace the XR4Ti fog light, and turn signal, with a one piece clear light. Installation requires the use of a Dremel tool but the work done does not interfere with returning to original lights in the future. Provided complete with bulb, bulb holder, and wire harness, these lights can be installed in less than an hour.

Order Product #:  06-1000CCLK


Rapido Refurbished Headlight Exchange

You can make major improvements with one of our "Do It Yourself" headlight refinishing kits (P/N 10-0107) OR we now offer REFINISHED HEADLIGHTS "EXCHANGE". You will be absolutely amazed at the difference you experience in night-driving visibility. Most drivers report having "twice a much light or more" after installing a set of our "refinished" headlights, even with STANDARD bulbs.

NOTE: If your reflectors are in poor condition (generally from water damage or "exploding" bulbs) our refinishing will not improve the condition of the reflector.

Take it a step further and replace the stock bulbs with a pair of our "SilverStar" bulbs and the difference is "Supercalifragilistic". These bulbs (P/N 06-9004C) are stock wattage so they will not "FRY" your headlight switch or "TOAST" the bulb holders, but they do deliver a much "WHITER LIGHT". SEEING IS BELIEVING, and you will believe!!

XR4Ti Wide Body Kit
XR4Ti Wide Body - Front
XR4Ti Wide Body - Back
XR4Ti Wide Body Kit
XR4Ti Wide Body - Left
XR4Ti Wide Body - Right

Kit Includes:

  • Front fender overlays
  • Rear fender overlays
  • Rocker panels
  • Fiberglass front bumper
  • Urethane rear bumper cover
Fenders can be bonded to original sheet metal or attached with Dzus fasteners. The front bumper has no provision for turn signals as this kit was originally intended for competition. Fenders will accommodate 10" wide wheels in front and 11" wheels in the rear.

Order Product #:  03-0116

Scorpio Front Fenders

Scorpio Front Fenders

Sheet metal repair panels are also available from Rapido. Since the stock fenders are welded (rather than bolted) in place, new fenders may not be any more expensive than attempting to salvage reasonably good condition "used" fenders. Be sure to call us for your repair panel needs.

Cosworth RS Hood Louver Set

Cosworth RS Hood Louver Set

The original Cosworth hood louvers were injection molded from a high temperature tolerant resin. Replica louvers made with fiberglass and ABS materials are not compatible with these high temperatures and will not hold their shape. Rapido has chosen to create replica Cosworth RS louvers in cast aluminum. These do not distort from the extreme heat conditions and they may be painted to match your vehicle color, or polished to a chrome like luster. Provided with mounting instructions and hardware.

Order Product #:  03-0117

Rapido Reproduction Grill for Scorpio

Rapido Reproduction Grill for Scorpio

Broken-cracked-wired in place, or worse yet GONE! If one of these best describes the condition of your original Scorpio Grill, Rapido has the fix for you. Our hand-laid fiberglass "reproduction grill" , shown here resting on one of our equally beautiful Scorpio (embroidered logo) floor mats, fits perfectly (no muss, no fuss). Installation takes less than 2 minutes (literally!). It is provided in a black gel-coat finish and ready to install "As is" or "paint to match".

Order Product #:  E7RY8200A/RAP

Rapido Replica Grill Panels for XR4Ti

Rapido Replica Grill Panels for XR4Ti

Both our Cosworth Replica Grill Panels and our OE XR4Ti Replica Grill Panels are manufactured using hand laid fiberglass in our molds. They are lightweight, strong and absolutely gorgeous. You cannot tell them from the original unless you look at the back side of the part. Our manufacturer is here in the U.S. and specializes in production of fiberglass and carbon fiber parts for Kamanari and Panoz, among others. If you want the best in a fiberglass reproduction Grill for your Merkur, look for the Rapido logo which is laminated in the back of every Rapido grill panel.

NOTE: The Rapido Cosworth grill panel is provided with an aluminum grill opening insert. By popular demand we implemented this as a cosmetic improvement. It is intended to be installed after the grill is painted.

Rapido XR4Ti Evolution IV Car Cover

Rapido XR4Ti Evolution IV Car Cover

We have had this car cover tailored to our specifications because we think this is how a car cover should fit. They are tailored from Kimberly Clarks Evolution IV material and have a 4 year warranty. These car covers feature fitted mirror pockets, and grommets are installed for a security cable. If you are not impressed with the one size fits all "KKK" look, this one should please you. Look for the Rapido logo silk screened prominently on the back of the cover.

Coolant Fill Bottle/Resevoirs

Coolant Fill Bottle/Resevoirs

We keep them all in stock as well as the correct pressure caps. We also stock the coolant level sensor and grommet, and related mounting parts. Don't wait until yours has a "Blow-out". The reservoir is not cheap, but it is less expensive than being towed.



Maybe a broken connector on your TFI Module or your Idle Speed Solenoid has created drivability problems. Rapido has the Repair Connector and Pigtail Harness for these as well as for other relays, solenoids and switches in your XR4Ti or Scorpio. We also stock most of the necessary relays, solenoids, modules and switches to replace any that may be worn out or have become "intermittent" in operation.

You want switches?

You need switches?

We GOT switches!


Window switches, mirror switches, light switches, ABS brake switches, power seat switches. Whatever your switch needs may be, give us a call -- we got switches!

Assorted Mounts, Bushings and Isolators


Motor mounts, Transmission Mounts, Differential Mounts, Strut Mounts, Anti-Sway Bar Mounts, Steering Rack Mounts, Cross Member Isolators, Suspension Bushings, Bump Stops, Strut Dust Covers, and more. If you want it now -- If you need it now, we probably have it in stock NOW.

Rapido XR4Ti Leather Shift Boot

Leather Shift Boot

The Rapido real leather shift boot is tailored expressly for the XR4Ti. It fits over the factory rubber boot, retaining the much needed heat and noise insulation the the stock boot provides. Top it off with one of our real leather, or carbon fiber and leather, shift knobs.

Try it you'll like it!

We also have burlwood and burlwood with leather shift knobs for the Scorpio and the XR4Ti as well as leather wrapped steering wheels.

Just a few of our "Go Fast" Goodies
  • Cam Kits (Roller & Standard).
  • Aluminum Flywheel.
  • Windage Tray.
  • 65mm Throttle Body.
  • Blow off valves (Standard & High Flow).
  • Turbo Boost Adjuster Valve (Single Stage & 2 Stage).
  • Superchips Engine Management Chips.

Go Fast Goodies


Rapido XR4Ti 2.3L Turbo Aluminum Cyclinder Head


Rapido 2.3L Turbo Aluminum Cyclinder Head

The Rapido Aluminum replacement cylinder head is not a high flow, high performance, racing cylinder head, although it does flow marginally better than a stock cast-iron cylinder head. Out of the box, it will IMPROVE your vehicles performance by virtue of "better power to weight" and "lower center of gravity". These differences will be immediately noticeable to all but the already "brain dead". Particular attention has been devoted to improved coolant flow to "eliminate the combustion chamber hot spots" the original cast-iron head is famous for. This trait contributes, in large part, to the cast-iron head tendency to blow head gaskets and to develop (and ultimately fail due to) cracking.

Rapido 2.3L Turbo Aluminum Cyclinder Head w/Valves


It is a direct replacement cylinder head that will accept all the stock valve train and accessories while keeping all the manifolding and accessories mounted in the their stock relative positions. This was done intentionally to keep the power-bands (torque and horsepower) similar to stock. If you want to port and polish, install larger valves or aftermarket camshafts, these things can be done more easily than with a cast-iron head and the results will be measurably better than if you had started with a good cast-iron head, if you could find one.



Rapido 2.3L Turbo Pistons

Rapido is now offering 2.3Turbo Forged Pistons. We have these "off the shelf" for Standard Bore as well as "20-over and 30-over". These are stock "Low compression" with the correct (combustion chamber matching) "D" dish in the piston top. Since "Hypereutectic" pistons are not suitable for turbocharged engines and the original equipment (OE) pistons are no longer offered by Ford, we suggest these forged pistons may be exactly what you are looking for. Only $454 for the set of pistons, pins and locks. Turbo piston rings (pictured) also available...call for prices.

NOTE: For your engine rebuilding needs we also offer gasket, seals, bearings, oil pumps, freeze plugs, high flow water pump AND MORE. We stock ARP rod bolt sets for your stock rods (P/N 07-6002). If you intend to push past the 300HP level, we suggest you consider replacing your stock rods with a set of Sportsman rods (P/N 07-0164).

Rapido XR4Ti Valves

Rapido 2.3L Turbo Valves

We also offer replacement swirl polished stainless steel valves, high flow radiused with hardened tips and undercut stems. Choose from stock diameters, or the popular 1.59/1.89 big valve combination.

Many (not all) performance enhancing products and accessories are illegal for street use and are "for off road use only". It is your responsibility to use them accordingly.

In addition to the items listed in the Rapido catalog (and our very comprehensive stock of original equipment replacement parts) here is a list of some parts Rapido is now importing [I], having manufactured [M], or re-manufactured [R]. Our catalog is representative only. WE CURRENTLY STOCK HUNDREDS OF PARTS NOT SHOWN, so be sure to give us a call for any of your parts or accessory needs. Remember, nobody knows your Merkur better than Rapido.

[M] Fuel injector wire harness - 2.3 Turbo
[M] Motor mount heat shield - XR4
[M] Engine oil dipstick tube - XR4
[I] Driveshaft carrier bearing - XR4 & Scorpio
[M] Complete driveshaft - XR4 & Scorpio
[I] Differential mount (isolator) - XR4 & Scorpio
[R] Air conditioning compressors & hoses - XR4 & Scorpio
[M] Front & Rear Fender splash liners - XR4 & Scorpio
[R] Tachometers - XR4
[R] Rear axles with CV Joints - XR4 & Scorpio
[R] Alternators & Starters - XR4 & Scorpio
[I] Scorpio springs (stock ride height and lowered)
[M] Rear coil spring lifts - XR4 & Scorpio
[R] Power steering hoses - XR4
[I] Exterior rear view mirror glass lense - XR4 & Scorpio
[I] ABS brake accumulator - Scorpio
[R] ABS master cylinder and pump assembly - Scorpio
[I] ABS brake relay - Scorpio
[I] Electrical relays - XR4 & Scorpio
[I] Door and hatch seals - XR4 & Scorpio
[I] Sunroof seal - XR4 & Scorpio
[I] Rear stub axles - XR4 & Scorpio
[M] Misc. coolant/heater system tubes & hoses - XR4
[I] Tail lamp bulb holders, plugs and gaskets - XR4
[I] Tail lamp assemblies - XR4 & Scorpio
[I] Headlamp adjuster parts - Scorpio
[I] Door latch striker and rear hatch strikers - XR4 & Scorpio
[I] Hatch lift struts - XR4 & Scorpio

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