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Tech Tips
The air conditioning system in all our vehicles have oil within them to lubricate the seals, bearings, etc., any time the A/C is operating. If the A/C is not used for extended periods, the seals and bearings may dry out prematurely. Rapido suggests you run the air conditioning system once a month for a minimum of 5 minutes to keep the seals in good condition.
The Merkur's engine fan and A/C condenser fan are both very important. Be sure that anytime you turn on your air conditioning the A/C condenser fan also starts running. The engine cooling fan should come on when the temperature needle comes up to about the halfway point on the gauge.
Tech Tips
What we call the "Driveshaft Donut" (also called a Rotoflex coupling) can crack or break causing a pronounced vibration, most notably at highway speeds. You may visually inspect this part from under the car. It is at the very front of the driveshaft, next to the transmission. It is black and looks like a donut. If you can see through cracks or if chunks are missing, replace it with out delay. Driving your vehicle with this vibration can damage the tailhousing on the transmission. Rapido imports this Ford of Europe part because your dealer doesn't have it available separately.

NOTE: Similar parts from other manufacturer's do not have a history of doing well on this Ford vehicle.

NOTE: We strongly recommend you replace the transmission mount when you replace a broken driveshaft donut. Part of the function of the transmission mount is to provide proper alignment of the transmission with the driveshaft. If your transmission mount is sagged, fatigued, or delaminated, the result will be continued misalignment resulting in vibration and premature failure of your new driveshaft donut.

Tech Tips
The center support bearing on your XR4Ti or Scorpio driveshaft should be checked every 10,000 miles (or anytime you happen to be under the car). We suggest that if the driveshaft can be moved more than about 3/8" up or down from its normal location, the CSB should be replaced.
The XR4Ti and Scorpio driveshafts were not designed to have their Universal Joints serviced or replaced. In our experience, the rear universal joint will develop a "notch" or hard spot at very low mileage. This happens because the driveshaft runs at a constant angle but the "wear spot" may then go unchanged for over 200,000 miles. Unless the U-Joint is actually loose, we do not recommend replacement of the driveshaft. If replacement is actually necessary - Rapido can provide a drive shaft manufactured with replaceable/ serviceable U-joints for less cost than the factory driveshaft.
Tech Tips
Engine idle speed erratic? Are you experiencing surging at cruising speed? The Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) may be worn or may not be properly calibrated.

NOTE: Calibration is a procedure performed by using a voltmeter.


  • More horsepower at stock boost levels without detonation.
  • Ability to accept higher boost levels without detonation.
  • Consistent horsepower on hot days.
  • Cooler cylinder head temperature.
All of these reasons for INTERCOOLING a turbocharged engine are valid. Since the electronic controls in Ford Engine Management Systems are designed to retard spark and boost whenever there is detonation, we really do want to INTERCOOL the charge air, and as efficiently as possible. Using our Air-to-Air Intercoolers, Rapido has developed an Intercooler system specifically for the XR4Ti, with a maximum reduction of Charge Air Temperature (in all circumstances) being our primary criteria. We also offer Intercoolers for Turbo Thunderbird and Cougar XR-7 Turbo as well as Intercooler upgrades for SVO Mustang, and for 1987, 1988 Turbo Coupe.

Rapido XR4Ti Air-to-Air Intercooler....07-0102

This is Rapido's XR4Ti Air-to-Air Intercooler for all model years.It features maximum reduction in Charge Air Temperature for both XR4Ti stick shift and automatic. "Turbo lag" is reduced via the bypass valve incorporated into this super efficient intercooler system design. Legal in all 50 states including California (CARB EO D-140-25). Installation by professional mechanic takes approximately 2 hours. The mechanically minded "do-it-yourselfer" should be able to install it in 3 hours. Detailed installation instructions are included. Spend your money wisely the first time - order the Rapido XR4Ti Intercooler!


Suspension upgrades and modifications are popular items with most automobile enthusiasts. We feel it is unacceptable to throw comfort out of the window for "pure" handling, unless your vehicle spends its highway miles on a trailer going to and from competition events. With this in mind, and a wealth of personal knowledge and experience, we offer a variety of suspension components as well as complete suspension kits. Now be advised that anytime you lower a vehicle with "semi-trailing arm rear suspension" (i.e. XR4Ti and Scorpio), the rear suspension will go out of alignment (both camber and toe). These are "nonadjustable" from the factory. The result of lowering these vehicles would normally be less than optimum handling, and a severe reduction in rear tire mileage (as much as 70%). In every lowering kit we supply, Rapido provides the necessary components and installation instructions to realign the rear suspension. This is a Rapido exclusive and part of the Rapido lowering kit. Here are a couple of things for you to consider as you contemplate up- grading the handling of your favorite vehicle.
  • 1. Do I want to lower the vehicle - can I afford to reduce ground clearance?
  • 2. Will I retain stock wheels and tires?
Once these decisions have been made, you will be better equipped to ask the right questions vis-a-vis better handling and/or better vehicle appearance.
NOTE: never consider lowering your XR4Ti or Scorpio by cutting stock springs, or by installing shorter "custom" springs in conjunction with "stock" shock absorbers that, though represented as "heavy duty", may not be a match to the new springs, spring rates, and the reduced amount of available suspension travel.

Rapido/Koni XR4Ti Complete Handling Kit... 05-0107/A*

Lowers Vehicle 1 3/4" (plus/minus 1/8) from "stock/new ride height". The kit includes front and rear springs, heavy duty valve front struts and rear shocks complete with Rapido's rear alignment kit. This kit also includes 28.5 x 19 mm anti roll bars for superb handling characteristics and complete installation instructions.
(*)Also available with KYB and Boge shocks - Inquire.

XR4Ti Exhaust System....07-0101

Here it is, the Borla Dual Outlet Stainless Steel Performance Exhaust System for the XR4Ti. Our Rapido/Borla stainless steel, dual outlet exhaust system frees trapped horsepower. It is legal in all states, has a distinctive appearance and a "purrs like a kitten" sound. The actual rear wheel horsepower gain is as much as 20 HP. Turbo boost comes up about 300 RPM sooner than with the stock exhaust system. There is no increase in noise level and it has a lifetime warranty.
Installation time is about 1 1/2 hour.
In addition we also offer our single outlet Exhaust System (catalyst back) for the XR4Ti(P/N 07-0101S) and for the Scorpio 07-0101B. Replace a rotting factory exhaust system and enhance performance (as much as 10HP) for about the same cost as the Ford replacement system- which we also carry.  All Borla exhaust systems are "bolt up".  No cutting, drilling or welding is required.

Rapido Replacement Control Arm Bushings....05-0119

 XR4Ti and Scorpio. We developed this much needed product to make the front end less "sensitive" and likely to "nibble" or "twitter" at the steering wheel. Designed for the anti-roll bar/ control arm connection, you'll say "Hallelujah!" after installation in your vehicle.

Rapido also imports many European Group N Spec Suspension Bushings.Although they are still made out of rubber they offer better performance than the Ford USA Spec Bushings

Rapido All Metal 3-Row Replacement Radiator....07-0135M

Yes! We have both the OE style light weight radiators as well as our all metal 3 row high coolant capacity replacement radiators available. No more non-repairable plastic tank radiators. If this one gets whacked, it's repairable. Order P/N 07-0135M (XR4Ti Stick); P/N 07-0135X (XR4Ti Automatic); P/N 07-0135S (Scorpio); P/N 07-0135MX9 (1989 XR4Ti only).

O.E. Scorpio wheel well splash liners
Rapido reproduction XR4Ti, Front wheel well splash liners


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